Should mobile phones be the primary reporting tool in a converged newsroom?

Certainly it’s the mobile phone that I believe will do more wonders as a reporting tool in a converged newsroom. With the latest I-phones and android phones mobiles are already doing wonders in the newsroom.

According to Nepal Telecommunication Authority 50 percent of Nepal’s population are now using mobile phones. There are 13,354,477 mobile users in Nepal out of which 12,498,243 are GSM users and 856,234 are CDMA users.
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Why Citizen Journalism?

OhMyNews says, “every citizen is a reporter”. This site, established in 2000, runs by the content generated
from South Koreans and citizens of other nations and only 20 percent of the content comes from its employed staff. Citizen journalism has become really popular in the 21st century and with social media and social network citizen journalism is rocking. And in Nepal it’s progressing.
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The best tools I have encountered for doing journalism

Considering the ratio at which the developmental activities as well as political scenario is shaping up in Nepal in the recent time the advancement made in the sector of information technology is rather praiseworthy. This very leap in the sector of information technology has exposed technocrats and most importantly media persons to wide range of technological devices and make their news/output more productive. Right from print media, to television as well as online media technological devices such as mobile phone has turned out to be the most effective tool for reporting. Media person today tweet about the last happening for online as well as television broadcast through their mobile phones. Furthermore in a country like ours which has to face frequent that too prolonging power cuts, mobile phone is one device that has minimized the worries of journalists like me.
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