How can social networking and social media best work with converged media?

Converged media in Nepal are using social media to engage with audience.,, are using social media to engage with their readers/viewers. They post news story and articles on facebook and tweet on twitter. So how many fans these three media have on facebook?

1. Ekantipur: 80,772
2. Nagariknews: 58,508
3. Thehimalantimes: 3235 (The fan page was recently created)
On Twitter:
1. Nagariknews: 4,949
2. Thehimalayantimes: 451
(Data on February 08, 2012)

Social networking and social media are supporting the converged media. As a journalist i feel that social media has enormous power. And i use social media for following reasons:
1. to monitor news,
2. to post my news/articles/video/pictures/multimedia,
3. to engage/interact with my audience,
4. to follow topics/persons and
5. to learn new things

This month i was featured on Voice of Women, a popular monthly magazine on how i was becoming a part of social media phenomenon in Nepal. It featured my experience on how i am using social media to engage with my audience.

“I have access to internet 24 hours through my 3G mobile set. I not only access social media as a person wanting to keep in touch with friends and family, but also as a journalist trying to reach out to people, share information and get feedback on my stories. I always think twice or more before posting anything on the social networking site, and I don’t usually share anything too personal.”
Here is the link of the interview on becoming a part of the social media phenomena.