Should mobile phones be the primary reporting tool in a converged newsroom?

Certainly it’s the mobile phone that I believe will do more wonders as a reporting tool in a converged newsroom. With the latest I-phones and android phones mobiles are already doing wonders in the newsroom.

According to Nepal Telecommunication Authority 50 percent of Nepal’s population are now using mobile phones. There are 13,354,477 mobile users in Nepal out of which 12,498,243 are GSM users and 856,234 are CDMA users.

Nepal Telecom, also known as NDCL, has 6,502,916 mobile users while NCELL- a private telecom company has
6,851,561 users. Mobile users in the last few years have increased tremendously. With the increase of mobile penetration and smart phones, mobile have become everyday device not only for Nepali citizens but also for

A senior photo journalist of a daily newspaper in Nepal told me that he has been using I-phone to cover some
events and they are published on newspaper. Mobile pictures are used in by the online medias in Nepal. In May 2011, while Kantipur Television’s(the television station where I work) vehicle was torched KTV used a mobile footage for the news.

I believe the use of mobile should not just be limited to collecting information but also as the way of distributing news. Leading media houses in Nepal are using the mobile phones for distributing news to their readers and receiving feedbacks from the readers/audience through SMS. This has turned out to be advantageous not just for information seekers but also for information collectors like us by helping us tap the latest developments in our stories through our newsrooms.