Successful convergence news operations in Nepal

Converged media in Nepal are getting faster, popular and stronger. Following things have improved in the past few years in the converged news operation in Nepal.

1. Speed: News are updated as soon as the important events happen in the converged news media. In the earlier days the online didn’t use to update news as they are doing now. and other converged media generally update their content as soon as the event happen in Nepal.

2. Design: They have worked a lot on design. Few sites are still working on new designs. have gone through a lot of changes in terms of design as compared to few years back.

3. Interactivity: At first web started with the static pages so was the case with the Nepali. Now the websites have dynamic pages. They allow comments and feedbacks. And the feedback/comment is read by the media and they are posted on the sites.

4. Social Media/Strategy: The top media of Nepal have social media strategy. They post the news on website and the content is shared/linked on the social media sites including facebook and twitter to increase

5. Photographs/Video/Multimedia: Converged media in Nepal are using photographs and video to tell different stoires. Their storytelling in terms of pictures are comparatively better than their video storytelling. They need to work hard on multimedia storytelling.

Some lessons from Poynter on convergence are very relevant to the Nepali media in general.

1. Convergence is not a way to save money.
2. Convergence is a lot of work.
3. There must be a system of accountability.
4. Successful convergence efforts include training.
5. We should not be surprised if the public is suspicious of media partnerships.