Witnessing the history

Six years of television journalism career has given me many experiences, unforgettable moments, adventurous lifestyle and a learning habit.

Ever since i started my internship in Kantipur Television there has been no looking back for me. In my initial days i reported about the historical April movement that ended monarchy and established republican form of government in Nepal. Working for television has given me opportunities to unfold stories on corruption, national security, defense, conflict, crime and other investigative stories.

It’s interesting to witness the history, write about it and also tell it to people.

I even reported from Democratic Republic of Congo, Thailand and India. Freelancing for Asian and international media outlets has been fun and am excited to experiment more in the days to come.

It was a dream come true to get KTV’s journalist of the year 2010-2011 for investigative and in-depth stories including diplomatic passport scam. Being a Transparency International’s young anti-corruption journalist 2010, UNESCO’s youth journalist/blogger 2011-13 and Ashoka Nepal’s young social entrepreneur i have gathered many experiences and skills.

Now i am exploring and experimenting multimedia journalism in Nepal. It’s fun, exciting, creative and hard work. Newly emerged technologies have made the reporting never like before. I believe that the next six years will be more interesting, complex and fast. I want to learn more about convergence and telling the stories more effectively.

I have done MA in Mass Communication and Journalism from Tribhuwan University. Currently I am doing Multimedia Journalism from Konrad Adenauer Asian College of Journalism and it has opened many opportunities and has helped a lot to improve my skills.

I am happy that in my college i choose journalism instead of science or commerce as my subject of study unlike many of my friends. But in a developing country rampant with corruption, where many youths are illiterate and many live without a meal a day i have much responsibility to fulfill. I hope i can do something if not many.
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