What does CHANGE mean to you?

Change may mean different things to different youths. However, the six-letter word was one of the most talked words at the 7th UNESCO Youth Forum.

For some it was “growth,” or “making a voice into result ,” and for some others it was all about doing “real stuff.”

Somebody may find change ‘totally positive’, somebody may also find it negative. Sometimes we may like change and sometimes we may not like it because change means being born again from the past. Change means being at the present.

Where does it start? Does it start from a government or from an individual? This time me (Rajneesh Bhandari) and Youth Journalist/Blogger from Cambodia Kounila Keo asked what “change” means to the participants of the 7th Youth Forum.

What does CHANGE mean to you? from Rajneesh Bhandari on Vimeo.