“Live in Joy”

Let me confess I am still a student of photography. But from my early days I was very much interested in this art. I still remember my dad using a normal analog camera to take pictures in different ceremonies. I used to touch the camera and feel it.
After passing my SLC, I once bought a film and took the camera and went outside to shoot everything I saw. I also took pictures of Ravi Shankar’s program on “The Art of Living” that was organized in Kathmandu nearly a decade ago.
Now my job as a journalist allows me to visit new places and new people. So, i am getting close to my interest. It’s also about communicating with people and interacting with them. That’s why I like my profession.

In the last two posts, I have posted some pictures from Philippines. The first was about Jose Rizal, the national hero of Philippines and the second was about Hilario Satino, a tricycle rider in Philippines.
This is my final post about Philippines. One thing that i find in common with every Filipinos is that they enjoy their work and action. “Filipinos live in joy even in the difficult moments because they know this is how life is,” Joe Torres, a Filipino journalist said.
Here are some pictures from my flicker but I am still not sure if I am able to capture their joys.